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Note: Miliapassvvm is already looking for distribution points at local business alongside the Camino.

Milia passuum, written as passvvm, a thousand paces in latin. The thousand paces that comprise a roman mile, as millennial the roman mile itself and the Camino de Santiago both are. Take this badge as a price; for the memories, the effort acknowledge and the boldness to continue your Camino. Think about its meaning when you see it in other pilgrim’s backpack, or in yours. A colorful reminder of your experiences; colors that change like the landscapes and the day’s hours, colors shown in the rainbow, which greets you from time to time. Colors that pile up to your milleage, to the time, to the fatigue and to the relief; and to the redemption. Belive it or not.

What is

Miliapassvvm is a simple pin badge collection you can wear, where each color represents a distance from Santiago de Compostela, expressed in roman miles. A roman mile is roughtly 150km, also 100.000 paces.

A sentence in latin can be read: «Compostella abest magis qvam __ milia passvvm» which means «Compostela is more than __ roman miles away», displaying that distance in roman numbers.

You will be able to buy them only in their designated section, and only a color will be available per section; meaning that in Jaca you will only find the red one, In Ponferrada the purple one only, etc. Please check the following map as an example.

You can access the distribution/retail points list by clicking in «Where to buy»

Buen Camino.

More than 500 roman miles: RED
Santiago is more than 750 km away.
More than 400 roman miles: YELLOW
Santiago is more than 600 km away.
More than 300 roman miles: GREEN
Santiago is more than 450 km away.
More than 200 roman miles: BLUE
Santiago is more than 300 km away.
More than 100 roman miles: PURPLE
Santiago is more than 150 km away.
Less than 100 roman miles: WHITE
Very last 150 km to Santiago.
«Compostela is near»
There is a last badge sold in the last journey to Santiago (~20km).

Where to buy Miliapassvvm

Under construction- Looking for retailers

About Miliapassvvm logo

Miliapassvvm logo tries to evoke and condense the Camino de Santiago’s idea, tradition and concept by utilizing a Iberian peninsula drawing with the colors mentioned before, and sorted to represent the 100 roman miles sections. It is embedded in a scallop shell whose grooves represent the many ways to Santiago. The scallop is oriented to the northwest, to Finisterre, or Finisterrae, the name the romans gave to the village in the Galician coast where the very end of the land is supposed to be; and where it is said that the same romans found a Shrine to the Sun they named Ara Solis. Finally, this sun is silhouetted against the horizon, and is depicted as a spiral as it is thought it was done in the stone carvings from the dawn of time.

«Herru Sanctiagu, Got Sanctiagu, E ultreia, e suseia. Deus aia nos.»
Ultreya’s chant. Codex Calixtinus.

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